Preparing for a STEM Major

The coursework for STEM majors is notoriously rigorous.  We don’t say this to discourage students or force them to second guess their plans.  Many interested candidates are more than capable.  However, it does mean that it’s critical to take a math and science heavy curriculum in high school (if possible).  After all, the more preparation […]

Changes to the FAFSA

For many college-bound students, financial aid is a necessity.  And for all undergrads, no matter their backgrounds or the schools they attend, financial aid starts with the FAFSA.  Recently, the government announced that, beginning October 1, 2016, changes will be made to the process.  Here’s what you need to know! First off, as a quick […]

Importance of High School Internships

When many high school students job hunt, they often seek out positions within retail or the food service industry.  After all, those gigs have long been the provenance of teen employment.  However, a growing number of companies and institutions have started to expand their internship programs, happily opening their doors to high school kids.  This […]

Corresponding with Admissions Officers

Planning on becoming pen pals with an admissions officer?  Make sure you know the proper etiquette first! Following your visit to the college fair, you find yourself flush with business cards from various admissions officers.  And now you’re thinking about capitalizing on some of these contacts.  After all, questions still linger and you figure it […]