Extracurricular Activities and Careers

When thinking about possible careers, it’s natural that you’d first turn to your academic interests.  After all, we tend to link jobs with education.  However, the classroom is not the only place that can lead to career ideas and ambitions.  If you’re having trouble zeroing in on your options, we recommend looking to your extracurricular […]

Audition Tips for College Dance Programs

You’ve been obsessed with dancing from a young age.  Whether you’re performing a pirouette or practicing a difficult tap routine, you are never happier than when you’re expressing yourself through movement.  Hence, you know you want to pursue dance in college.  Of course, that means that in addition to submitting a regular application, you’ll also […]

Finding Internet Access

Historically, technology at large (and the internet specifically) has been seen as having the power to democratize education and help place students of all socio-economic levels on an equal playing field.  In reality, that’s far from the case.  While wealthier students are able to freely use the internet to their benefit, children from lower-income families […]

Show Me the Money: Best Places to Find Scholarships

College is expensive (a sentiment we’ve already covered many times on this site).  Hence, you’ll likely need to embark on a hunt for scholarship money.  Of course, figuring out how or where to begin your search can sometimes prove difficult and overwhelming.  To help you out (you’re welcome!), we’ve decided to come up with a […]

Pursue What Excites You

As you begin to consider potential career options, there’s a good chance you’ll have friends, family and even teachers all try to persuade you to pursue certain paths.  Sure, their intentions are likely good.  And their reasoning is probably sound.  However, while you should definitely take their opinions under advisement, it’s important that you ultimately […]